Job Title: Systems Specialist

Dimitri is a well known office klepto among his co-workers who derives sadistic pleasure from the mental anguish he brings to others. He is otherwise just another typical snarky IT guy.


Job Title: Control Room Manager

Nancy brings a motherly disposition with an always too sunny attitude. She is the office chatterbox that often gets on everyone else’s nerves.


Job Title: Project Researcher and Archives Director

Lindley is the old man of the office who has been outdated by technology and is only waiting for retirement.

The Dan-Dans

Job Title: Field Agent Monitor, Magical Girl

The Dan-Dans are Daniel and Daniella who seem to be two parts of one creature. They are fundamentalist Christians who eavesdrop on the conversations of others. Daniel and Daniella are not aware that the others use “Dan-Dans” as a derogatory term to refer to them as a single being.


Job Title: Junior Researcher

Tanaya is the office loner and perfectionist. She can be the best frienemy to everyone, but she hates everyone. She is a bit stuck up and although her parents are successful she is embarrassed that they are blue-collar workers.


Job Title: Field Agent Monitor, Familiar

Jasmine is the new girl of the office. She is young, tries to be friends to all her co-workers and regularly parties after work. She often complains about being single, but seems to have a new boyfriend at every conversation.